Web Design and Development

Custom design and development

Our bread-and-butter is custom web site development and design. A needs-based approach ensures that your site does what you want it to do. It will be a visual experience that complements your business, designed to take you into the future of the Internet with a minimum of changes to the underlying structure. » more

So you want to be a blogger?

I’m a blogger, she’s a blogger, they’re a blogger—wouldn’t you like to be a blogger, too? Apologies to Dr. Pepper. ‘Blogging’ is the latest and greatest for blaring out your opinion to the world. What most people don’t know is blogging software makes a great content management system for a fraction of the price! » more


There’s so much more to selling your wares or services on the Internet than just setting up a shopping cart system. Avoid the pitfalls and give yourself a fighting chance at success!  » more

QuickStart system

If you absolutely can’t wait the 6-8 weeks to get a custom designed site up and running, there IS a solution. By using pre-designed site templates, much of the site development time can be shifted to the back end or eliminated altogether. Get a decent-looking site online, then work with us on the final design. Not the best solution, but it can work…  » more


An online website-building system that doesn’t need technical knowledge. If you have the time to work with it, and you want the ability to make major changes to your site yourself, this may be an option.  » more

Search Engine Optimization

There’s truth and there’s hype about search engine optimization. Do you need it?  » more

The Design Process

How we do what we do, and why we do it that way. » more

Tools and Technologies

The geeky side of how we get your site onto the Internet » more